Me-Made-May 2019: Week 1 review

To kickstart my Me-Made-May Pledge here is the first review on the me made I wore this week! As some of you may have seen on my Insta story, the me made I wore this week was my Papercut Patterns stripey Kyoto Tee. I am not going to lie this is my favourite me made … Continue reading Me-Made-May 2019: Week 1 review

My Papercut Kyoto

After finally finishing my exams (10 years of hard work -fingers crossed I pass) I am back sewing again!! I have been working on some Boola Bears (which I love), but my main passion is making my own clothes! - YEY to a me made wardrobe!! I had some striped jersey fabric in my stash, … Continue reading My Papercut Kyoto

Coco Top

I wrote this post in October last year so most of you have probably seen this top on my Instagram... not quite sure why it has taken me so long to publish it.. but here you go! As I have been getting more into sewing I have found out about some really popular independent pattern … Continue reading Coco Top

Handmade Book Cover

At the beginning of each year I like to organise my life. I use a Bullet Journal format which gives me an overview of each month as well as monthly, weekly and daily tasks, I will be uploading a blog about this next week. I love using a good quality notebook with plain pages for … Continue reading Handmade Book Cover

Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress Intro

Well it looks like I have already failed one of my 2018 goals – sorry for posting a day late! Having no internet in the house is a bit of a nightmare, but better late than never. This year my blog posts will vary depending on what I am up to, which projects I am working … Continue reading Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress Intro

Handmade Wedding Outfit

Back in May we had a family wedding and I decided to give myself the challenge of making my own dress. I was not sure which pattern to go for and it took a while and a lot of searching on the internet to find the right one. I finally settled on a Simplicity pattern … Continue reading Handmade Wedding Outfit

Baby Dress

I love sewing and have done several projects in the past, a beanbag, quilts and a skirt, but have never made anything for someone else. So I thought I would give myself a challenge and make my baby niece a little dress and matching pants outfit. I made this dress last year but thought I … Continue reading Baby Dress

Boola Bears

Hi all! I thought I would write a little post about my Boola Bears. If you would like to purchase a bear please visit the Boola Made Products page for more information. I have made a few now, all unique in their own way. I love making something that someone will cherish forever! By now … Continue reading Boola Bears

Pin Cushion – Quilting 1

As promised I will be writing a series of posts which relate back to the quilting Kitazine I purchased recently. The original post can be found here : Kitazine - 10 Quilting Ideas. I will be working through all of the 10 quilting projects and posting about each one, the first is a simple pin cushion. … Continue reading Pin Cushion – Quilting 1

Handmade Beanbag

A while ago I attempted to make a beanbag for our first house. I was really pleased with the end product so thought I would write a quick post about the pattern, fabric and filling I used. The beanbag is so simple to make and is quite large - perfect for any home. The pattern I … Continue reading Handmade Beanbag