Pin Cushion – Quilting 1

As promised I will be writing a series of posts which relate back to the quilting Kitazine I purchased recently. The original post can be found here : Kitazine - 10 Quilting Ideas. I will be working through all of the 10 quilting projects and posting about each one, the first is a simple pin cushion. … Continue reading Pin Cushion – Quilting 1


Kitazine – 10 Quilting Ideas

I have never bought a Kitazine before, but after seeing this one '10 Quilting ideas' on the shelf I could not resist! I have attempted to make two simple quilts before but never got round to finishing them because they were such big projects. This kitazine includes instructions on how to complete 10 small quilting projects, templates … Continue reading Kitazine – 10 Quilting Ideas