Im Back!

So I haven't posted on my blog in a while as it has been a very busy few months, but after reading a few other blogs and watching some vlogs I am all motivated again! I can not wait to get back into it. Instead of setting a schedule and trying stick to it, like … Continue reading Im Back!


More Crochet Bears

You may remember that I made my little niece Matilda a crochet bear before she was born. You can find the original blog here - Bruno Bear. I loved making the cute little bear and since then I have made more! The first was for the new addition to the family! Lily! I made her … Continue reading More Crochet Bears

Bruno The Crochet Bear

When I was told I had a second niece on the way I knew I wanted to make something special for her to keep. At the time I had just started to learn how to crochet, so saw this as a brilliant opportunity to try out my new skills. It took me a while to find … Continue reading Bruno The Crochet Bear