Welcome to Boola Made.

These special Boola Made Keepsakes are made from your memories, whether that be old baby grows or a piece of clothing from a loved one. Each Boola Bear is unique as each little detail comes from your garments.  The keepsakes are all handmade individually, taking into account what is most important to you.

Take a look at our:

Boola Animals

Boola Patchworks

Please note that our Bear, Lions and Bunnies are keepsakes and not toys!

The Boola Made product list is constantly being updated, so keep an eye out!

I am currently working on some beautiful Boola Bears and blankets, why not have a look at the progress of my projects on my instagram account @boolamade_shop.

If you would like to purchase one of our unique keepsakes, or would like to find out any further information please do one of the following:

I love getting creative and writing about what I get up to. Why not have a look at the Boola Made blog where there is plenty of little craft projects to keep you busy. You can also follow the Boola Made Blog Instagram page @boolamade.


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