October plans 2019

Just a quick post about what I plan to make in October. Firstly I am going to use this beautiful Lady Mcelroy faces fabric from Crafty Sew and So to make the new Tilly and the Buttons Indigo pattern! I would really like to do the version with the exposed frill seam! It looks so cute! If I have time I may also make a top version that I can wear with jeans.

Tilly and the buttons indigo

I am going to a ball on the 4th October and was hoping to make a ball gown, but I have been so busy and now time is running out – so I don’t think making the dress is a possibility. We will see, but I am not getting my hopes up on this one.

I am getting married in July next year, and now the count down is on I really think I should get my making head on! I need to figure out what is needed to decorate the venue. I am going to buy the fabric this month for the wedding projects… shopping! Happy days!

Last but not least I would like to make another jumper. As autumn is on its way I feel like my wardrobe needs some additional cosy clothes! I have been knitting a jumper for about a year now (maybe longer) and I still havent finished it! So this month I am going to work on my knitted jumper with the aim of finishing it in November. I am a little slow at knitting which is I am so bad at finishing knitting projects!

knitted jumper - work in progressI normally go a bit crazy and I am always way too ambitious – I never get everything done that I set out to do. I am trying to be realistic because it would be good to actually complete the projects I set out to do each month – we will see how I get on. Wish me luck!

Boola x

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