Myosotis Dress

I have finally finished my Myosotis dress!! Those of you that follow me on social media would have already this dreamy dress. I apologise for the Myosotis spam but I just LOVE IT!

The Deer and Doe Myosostis pattern is great becuase it is right on trend with all of the tiered dresses and skirts out there at the moment. I am definitely going to get a lot of use out of this pattern.

Handmade Myosotis Dress

Generally I am not one to wear a lot of bold prints but this Lady Mcelroy fabric had been in my stash for a while, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to use it… and I am so glad I did! I bought the fabric from Crafty Sew and So.

I made the choice not to pattern match. Firstly because I’m not a great patten matcher (one thing I want to learn more about!) and secondly, as mentioned before, I am not one to wear large bold prints!

I wanted to sew a dress with a more geometric feel, which I created by cutting the cranes into smaller pieces. However, I wanted to keep part of the print in tact – the cranes are very beautiful! When cutting the pattern pieces I was very careful to ensure that one of the large cranes would be on my back bodice piece to make a statement. I also placed a full crane on the front of the skirt.

Myosotis Handmade Dress

This was my first time using a Deer and Doe pattern and it was fab. The instructions were so easy to follow and the pattern is printed on paper, which I prefer! The paper patterns seem to last so much longer than those printed on tissue paper. I am definitely going to hunt through their other patterns and go on a bit of a shopping spree!

I love the length of the dress and I’m so happy with how the pattern placement turned out. It was so comfy to wear and on one of the hottest days of the year it kept me cool.

I did make a few mistakes with this make, but learning from the things that go wrong will make me a better sewer in the long run so mistakes aren’t all bad. I didn’t sew the collar evenly, therefore one side of the collar at the back of the dress is slightly wider than the other. I also rushed sewing the button holes. The top button hole doesn’t sit correctly in the button placket! This was the first time I have put buttons and button holes onto a garment though, so overall I was quite pleased!

Myosostis Handmade Dress

I am hoping to make another version but next time I’m definitely going to attempt a few alterations. I want to make the bottom of the bodice slightly tighter, and using the skills I gained from the pattern drafting course I attended recently, I would like to alter the shape of the neckline. I am also going to reduce the ruffles on the sleeves.

Myosotis Handmade Dress

I want to make lots of versions of this dress! So please let me know of any clever hacks you can think of.

Boola x

Myosotis Handmade Dress


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