My Mollie Makes

Mollie Makes is a crafting magazine that I subscribe to and with every issue you get a unique craft kit/gift. I love getting the magazine through my door each month as I get to try out so many new crafts! Paper crafts, sewing, crochet, pom poms and in one issue (issue 104) I even got a new Tilly and the Buttons sewing pattern to add to my collection!

There is so much packed into each issue such as inspiration, crafting tips, patterns as well as interviews to read and thats not all! In every issue you get prints by a chosen illustrator. I actually found out about the magazine was because one of Ryan’s school friends, Chloe Hall had a selection of her designs (which a love) published in the magazine! Please go have a look at her work, Chloe Hall Illustration, its fab!

Here are the designs by other illustrators from some of the more recent magazines.


Now back to those little crafting kits! Everything you need is within the packet and all of the instructions are in magazine! I have a stash of kits that I haven’t opened yet as I like to pull them out when I have some spare time.

We had a Crafternoon Tea at work last week to raise money for the charity Mind. I took one of the kits with me as they fit in my bag easily and I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of time to do a major project.

The Crafternoon Tea was only for a couple of hours so I didn’t get much done but I did manage to finish the little ‘birthday bear’ off over the weekend! So cute!! It’s really made me want to work with felt more often! I have some handmade Christmas baubles in mind!


I then caught the Mollie Makes bug and started a new project. The ‘crafting is good for the Soul’ mini pennant, which I haven’t quite finished yet, but can’t wait to get it up on the wall in my sewing room.

I would recommend the magazine to anyone who would like to get into crafts as well as those fully on their crafting journey! I learn so much from each issue.

Boola x

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