Me-Made-May 2019: Week 1 review

To kickstart my Me-Made-May Pledge here is the first review on the me made I wore this week! As some of you may have seen on my Insta story, the me made I wore this week was my Papercut Patterns stripey Kyoto Tee. I am not going to lie this is my favourite me made item, which is probably why I chose to wear it on May 1st.

My Loves:

  • Length –  The top lies just on my hips which is perfect. I am short so if I wear tops that are too long it makes my legs look even shorter!
  • Fabric – I am not really a fan of a fussy pattern, I normally wear tops which are a block colour so this a little out of my comfort zone. Being out of your comfort zone isn’t always a bad thing though and this simple stripe it a compromise. The striped jersey fabric was bought from Crafty Sew & So in Leicester last year.
  • Fit –  I don’t think the fit is too bad, I feel more comfortable in clothes that are a little loose so this is fab.
  • Details – Of course I love the frills!
  • Pattern – The pattern was so easy to follow any didn’t have many pieces at all. It is definiately a quick make!

My Dislikes

  • Fit –  I think maybe it is a little big around the top of my arms and shoulders, there is a little excess fabric but not enough to stop me wearing it!
  • Details – I love love love the frill detail but on the Tee version I think they are a little too bulky for me. I had to cut the length of the sleeve quite a bit so I think the frill takes over a little bit. Next time I am going to make the frill a little shorter.
  • Finish – Overall I am really happy with the finish, however I did get a bit wobbly when I was finishing off the sleeves! I think I was just too excited to wear it at the time! The lesson learnt from this is to always take your time becuase it will always bug you when you wear it in the future!
  • Overall I am quite happy with my Kyoto Tee. It is definiately a pattern I will be using again and I really want to make lots of variation of this top! However, as part of my pledge I have vowed to organise my wardrobe, find my style and write a list outlining which items are missing! I am pretty sure there are going to be individual items that are missing entirley from my wardrobe and I am going to have to prioritise them before starting a new Kyoto.

    Please let me know your thoughts on my Kyoto! I would love to know what you think – feedback is always helpful.

    Now for an update on my progress with ‘The Curated Closet‘. I love the book and have already started taking the first steps to understanding my wardrobe. I am documenting all of the outfits I am wearing daily in my ‘Style File’ to work out what style, colour and fit of clothes I wear most! I am doing this for a couple of weeks so in my next update I will let you know what I think the most common characteristics of my outfits are and what my next steps will be!

    I think its been such a positive start to Me-Made-May I can’t wait to see how the rest of May goes!

    Boola x


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