Weekend Away – Lower Mill


18:16pm – Ryan and myself have just arrived at Lower Mill. We are lucky enough to be able to stay at our aunt and uncles holiday home in the Cotswolds for the weekend. The whole family is coming including parents, sisters, their other halves and of course my two beautiful nieces. I have been looking forward to this weekend so much! Time to relax with the family and have some fun. We are just waiting for the others to arrive, in the meantime I am taking in the view, overlooking the lake with a Malibu and Coke in hand…. the perfect start to what I hope will be a fab weekend!

Lower Mill

20:50pm – Once the parents arrived with my nieces Eliza and Matilda we all went to the park on site. We sat having a gin and lemonade whilst the girls had fun on the swings and slide. My sisters Nicola and Lauren finally arrived with their other halves (Cory and Danno) and we all went back to the house to have a catch up.

Walking with the niecesMatilda on the swingsEliza on the swings


01:32am – We had dinner, chatted lots and played games. It was so nice to have some chilled family time.


13:23am – After a late night me, dad and Ryan decided to go for an early morning jog around the lake. It was beautiful. Ryan and Danno even decided to have a go in the rowing boat. After nipping to the shop and going for a walk, we are all getting ready to go Cirencester.

Family in the sunshineBoys in the boat

14:45pm – In Cirencester all the girls decided to visit ‘Pick a Pot and Paint’ where we all got creative. Eliza and Malitda even had a go. We can not wait for the finished items to arrive in the post in a few weeks! The boys, of course, were found in the pub where we joined them for a drink. Cirencester is so lovely.

Ready for CirencesterPick a pot and paint it2018-06-09 15.21.00Boys in the pub

18:00pm – After a long day out and about we started the games again. The babies went to bed and we carried on till the late hours.


17:42pm – After another morning jog with dad and a mass cleaning session, we set off for Bourton-on-the-Water. It was a beautiful day (super lucky with the weather), it was so picturesque! A little brook runs through the village where people can paddle their feet and there was a brass band playing on the green. We had a yummy Italian and then went to the model village. The little ones loved it. After sitting on the green eating ice cream in the sunshine and obviously having a little look round the shops it was time to go home! I loved every single moment of the weekend, spending time with my family and Ryan is the thing I love most…. Especially in the sunshine!!

Family walkItalian mealEliza and dadEliza at the model villageMatilda at the model villageMatilda in the sunshineCuddles with Eliza

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