February Fails and March Plans

Hi everyone! I feel really disappointed in myself that I have not published a post in the last couple of weeks. One of my 2018 Goals was to write blog posts regularly and I aimed to publish them every Wednesday, the last two weeks this hasn’t happened. It is not because I did not want to – its purely down to being too busy.

I was doing so well with my blog as well as exercising regularly, but I had a uni deadline in the middle of feb and the deadline week just messed up my routine! Since then it has been non stop – plus I turned 28! I am hoping to get back on track this week!

I had plans for three sewing projects last month too – which also did not happen! So I have moved them to be part of my March plans. The three Tilly and the Buttons patterns I am using are the Cleo, Agnes and Mila. Today I have actually washed the burnt orange corduroy ready for cutting out the Cleo dress, so at least I have started (even if it is a month late).

I have also started the #Marchmeetthemaker challenge by @JoanneHawker, where you post a photo each day to suit the prompts she has set. You can follow my #Marchmeetthemaker challenge on either of my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages. I have added the first few images below. If you follow me on any of the above you can read why I chose each picture!

Day 1 – You

You #Marchmeetthemaker

Day 2 – Where

Where #Marchmeetthemaker

Day 3 – How you started

How you started #Marchmeetthemaker

Day 4 – Favourite to make

Favourite to make #Marchmeetthemaker

This week the new Tilly and the Buttons book arrived! YEY! Its all about how to sew with stretch fabric and I can’t wait to pick some projects for next month.

Tilly and the Buttons Stretch

February was definitely a fail month for me! Let hope March is a little better!

Boola x


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