Handmade Book Cover

At the beginning of each year I like to organise my life. I use a Bullet Journal format which gives me an overview of each month as well as monthly, weekly and daily tasks, I will be uploading a blog about this next week. I love using a good quality notebook with plain pages for my Bullet Journal. This year I had one lying around, but it had a plain black cover and I wanted something a little more on trend – the answer is a handmade book cover.

Handmade book cover

Here is a little blog to tell you how I did it! I learnt about this pattern from a Great British Sewing Bee set I had a while ago, and the great this is it can be used on a book of any size. The fabric I chose to use is a navy blue cotton fabric which has a white leaf print. This project is great for using up any of that scrap fabric you have lying around.

First of all, it is important to measure the book you would like to update! Measure the height of the book, in my case this was 22cm. Next measure the width of the book from the edge of front cover around to the edge of the back cover, make sure you do this while the book is closed. The width of my book was 28.5cm.

Plain bookMeasuring book

Once you have the measurements of your book you will need to do a bit of maths! Add 3cm to the height and 26cm to the width, this is to make sure the cover is secured with little slip pockets, as well as providing a seam allowance. You can see my measurement calculations below. Draw the shape onto your fabric to suit your measurements and cut it out (It is often a rectangle).

IMG_0021Cutting the fabric

The next step is to fold and press the two edges of the fabric, which relate to the height of your book, 1.5cm in. Make sure your fabric is right side down when you do this. Sew along these fold seams 1cm from the edge.

Fold and Press

Turn the fabric right side up, and along the same edges fold and press 11.5cm in from the edge, this creates the sleeves. You need to sew along the top and bottom of these sleeves, 1.5cm from the edge (The original instructions suggested a 1cm seam but I like the cover to be a snug fit).

Fold and pressSewing seams

Turn the fabric right way out, give it a quick press with the iron and you are done! It’s as simple as that!

Handmade Book Cover

Finally place the cover onto your book and its transformed! There are so many fabrics out there with a variety of different patterns – there will definitely be a fabric out there for you to brighten up your notebooks and diaries!

Handmade Book CoverHandmade book cover

P.S – For those of you who are wondering about my Ultimate Shift Dress – I am still sewing but will post a blog when it is finished!!

Boola x


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