Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress Intro

Well it looks like I have already failed one of my 2018 goals – sorry for posting a day late! Having no internet in the house is a bit of a nightmare, but better late than never.

This year my blog posts will vary depending on what I am up to, which projects I am working on, what has inspired me recently or what’s going on in the life of Boola. Even if it is a little update, I am going to try my hardest to post once a week.

I feel like it has been a bit hectic since Christmas and I haven’t managed to get into any big new projects. I have been working on a secret project – but that will have to be revealed another time!

I have decided to start my year by making a ‘me’ project. I have attempted making myself items of clothing previously, some of which weren’t great and others I count as a success! For those of you who follow my Instagram page or Twitter account you may have already seen my latest venture.


I love this simple dress pattern from Sew Over It. In fact, I love all of their patterns! I haven’t had chance to make any of there garments yet and can not wait to finish my first one. The Ultimate Shift Dress is so versatile as you can easily change the length as well at the sleeve style. There are so many hacks online so you will definitely find something to suit your style. The fabric I have had stashed away for the dress was actually in the Sew Over It sale a few months ago, it is not really a print I would usually go for, but thought I should step out of my comfort zone for once!

The Sew Over It website is so easy to use, and for those who don’t really know a lot about the properties of different fabric types (like me), its great! When you select a pattern you can see all of the fabric choices they have which would be suitable for that particular pattern. So when I bought the Ultimate Shift Dress I could select the correct material with ease. I always find searching for the right material a bit of a challenge, so the Sew Over It website is fab!

Note to self – Learn more about the different fabrics available!!! Another 2018 goal!

Sew Over It fabric

All of the pattern pieces have been cut out and I can not wait to start sewing them all together. One thing to note (which I sometimes forget but relates to all sewing patterns) is that pattern sizes do not match the standard shop sizes. It is important to take your measurements and select the right size in relation to those!!

So far the ‘Sew Over It’ instructions have been easy to follow – but I will update you all on the progress in the next post. Hopefully by next week the dress will be complete.

Wish me luck!

Boola x

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