Handmade Flamingo Dress

When deciding on my next sewing project I would normally choose a sewing pattern and would then buy the fabric to suit. However I went on a little trip into town and made the mistake of going into the haberdashery in John Lewis.

I saw this lovely soft flamingo fabric on sale and I just couldn’t resist! This was way back in June when the weather was still warm. Luckily I found a cute little summer dress pattern by Simplicity in the Cynthia Rowley collection (number 8124), and decided it would be the perfect pattern for this fabric. I felt the pattern was on trend with the off the shoulder look. Finding both the pattern and fabric was great timing I was going on holiday in July and wanted to take a ‘me made’ outfit.

Flamingo Fabric.

Simplicity 8124 Pattern.

I found the pattern really easy to follow and it didn’t take too long to sew the four pieces together. I altered the sleeves from a puff sleeve to a cropped sleeve, as I felt the puff sleeve wouldn’t suit me. You can see the original sleeve on the pattern picture above.

Once the garment was finished I realised there were a few sizing issues. I am petite and I felt there was too much fabric for the dress. The length of the dress was also a little long so I took a good chunk off the bottom. However I took the dress up a little too much – so now it is a little short… opps! Luckily the dress is perfect for wearing with tights and wore it recently to the theater. The drape of the fabric is lovely and there is so much movement, just wish I took more time checking the length.

I am not sure I will be using this pattern again, but if I did I would make a smaller size and would ensure the length is right. I think I might have rushed it slightly to make sure it was ready for my holiday, which is something I need to work on – being patient!

However I would like to try the playsuit at some point, maybe next summer!

Flamingo Dress. Simplicity 8124.

Flamingo Dress. Simplicity 8124.Boola x


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