Im Back!

So I haven’t posted on my blog in a while as it has been a very busy few months, but after reading a few other blogs and watching some vlogs I am all motivated again! I can not wait to get back into it. Instead of setting a schedule and trying stick to it, like I have previously, I am just going to write and post when I feel I have something to share with you all, whether that be something crafty or something a little different.

As I have been away for a while I thought I would start by giving you all a little update on what has been going on:

Boola Made – I have been so busy with all of the Boola Made orders and have loved making every single Boola Bear, Bunny, Lion and Quilt. I have even started to make little Mini Boola Bears and have been lucky enough to make these three for a very special family.

2017-08-02 20.40.24

Three Mini Boola Bear’s

I have also started to make fleece lined blankets. I found this gorgeous Peter Rabbit fabric from my local sewing shop ‘Crafty Sew & So’ in Leicester. I was asked to make a blanket with this fabric by a regular customer and I have made three more since. Each of the blankets have been made to order and I am on the hunt for the next beautiful fabric to use!

Peter Rabbit Blanket

Peter Rabbit Blanket

If you would like to learn more about my products please click HERE. To contact me or to place any orders please e-mail:

Architecture – I have enrolled onto my part 3 Architecture course which I am starting on Monday! I am so determined to work hard and finally complete the course. Fingers crossed this time next year I will be a fully qualified Architect. I will be attending the course with two other girls from my work, so at least we can all help each other – BRING IT ON!

House – So there is some big news in the life of Boola! Me and my other half Ryan have bought our first house! After a year of saving and looking for our perfect little starter home we have finally signed the contracts and will be moving into our home in December. I can not wait to make it ours and I am already searching Pintrest for lots of decor ideas.

Exercise – I have started running with the ‘Couch to 5k’ app with my family – How long it will last who knows – but I am giving it a go. It makes me feel so good when I exercise but struggle to keep motivated – so we will see! If you have read my new years resolutions post you will know that I have already tried this running malarky, but running in a group will hopefully keep me on track.

Other Projects – Making the Boola made products keeps me very busy but I love to work on my own little projects. I will be blogging about each of the projects as I complete them. So what am I working on at the moment? A Crochet Granny Square Blanket, Stitch and Story knitted booties, mittens and hat as well as a tartan skirt (nope I still haven’t finished it yet!). Although it is probably best to start and finish one project at a time, I find that having lots of projects on the go gives me a chance to swap when I need a change and I can use lots of different skills.

Completed projects – I have completed two dresses since my last post. One which I made for a family wedding and the second I made for my holiday (or holibobs as I call it). I will of course also be blogging about them both!

If you follow me on Instagram @boolamade you may have already seen sneak peaks of all the project above.

So theres a little update on what I have been up to! Keep your eyes peeled for the next post!


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