Baby Dress

I love sewing and have done several projects in the past, a beanbag, quilts and a skirt, but have never made anything for someone else. So I thought I would give myself a challenge and make my baby niece a little dress and matching pants outfit. I made this dress last year but thought I would write a little post about it.

I have got lots of sewing books but my favourite is ‘Sewing school basics’ by Jane Bolsover. The instructions are so easy to follow and there are lots of projects to choose from. As you work your way through the book you learn different techniques and skills.

All of the patterns for each project are include in the book. However they are laid over each other so my first task was to trace all of the pattern parts for the baby dress and  matching pant set.

I chose contrasting cotton fabric (yellow and grey spotted) to give the dress a bit of interest. I love yellow the colour yellow its such a bold and happy colour! I used a rotary cutter to cut the fabric as it is so much easier to cut out curves than using straight fabric scissors.

The pattern was the biggest challenge I had undertaken but I loved making it. I got a little   impatient towards the end and rushed the little pants slightly but overall I was happy with the end product. I definitely learnt a lot during the process.

Below I have added some work in progress and finished garment pictures:

Cutting the fabricSewing the heart appliquéssetting out the designGetting the into shapeAdding the collarThe finished dress and pants

My niece in the finished dress

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