Cricut Explore Air

In February I turned 27 and the gift I received from my parents was a crafters ultimate tool! The Cricut Explore Air! Everyone who has seen this gadget in action has been amazed.

I have now had a few months to play with the Cricut machine and I love it!! It took a while to get used to the settings and custom design tools but after practicing for a day or two I feel like I can make anything.

The machine cuts anything from paper to leather! Even some types of wood! Not only does this machine cut but it also writes! I have now bought several pens and can not get enough of it. The craft opportunities are endless.

Here are some of the projects I have completed with the help of my Cricut Explore Air:

Baby Canvas Gift

Personalised Baby Canvas

One of my friends recently had a baby boy – George! He is super cute and I wanted to make a personalised gift for the special little one. So using the ‘Cricut Design Space’ app I designed a personalised canvas. Using two different vinyls to create a calendar which highlighted his birthday, his weight and the place he was born. Unfortunately the little one did not have a name at the time so I just added his surname. It was so easy to put together once the machine cut out my design. The only thing I had to do was to change the colour of vinyl when prompted and apply the vinyl onto the canvas. I transferred the design using transfer tape.

Handmade Card

Handmade baby card

To go with the handmade gift I decided to make a handmade card. I love elephants and all my friends know it, so I decided to take this opportunity to add a personal touch. Using the Cricut machine I designed each part of the project and cut the shapes out on different coloured card. Once all of the pieces were cut out I was able to arrange them how I liked. I also made use of the writing function and the machine which gave such a professional finish!

Money Jar

Money jar

I wanted to experiment with applying the vinyl onto different surfaces and thought glass would be the ultimate test. I use a glass Mason Jar to keep all of my spare pennies safe, so thought this would be a great opportunity to give the glass a bit of life. I decided to add a quote to the front, which I cut out in black vinyl. I found that the vinyl actually went onto the glass easier than it did the canvas, although transferring the words was fiddly.

Childs Art Gallery

Childrens art gallery

For Mothers Day my mum asked us to get her something she could showcase her grandchildren art work on, so me and my sisters decided to make something. Using a photo frame and the Cricut Air Explore we were able to create a personalised art gallery. Using different colours of vinyl we created an arty feel to the project. Mum loves it!


Business Card

2017-04-14 17.32.37-2

Once Boola Made was set up I quickly realised I needed some business cards. As all my products are handmade I decided to design and make my own business cards to showcase my creative side. The Cricut Explore Air made this possible. I started by painting splashes of colour onto plain white card, this gives each business card a unique character. Once the card was prepared, using ‘Cricut Design Space’, I designed the logo and text for the front and back of the business card. Then all I had to do was click the go button and let the Cricut machine do its job. I am so lucky to be able to hand out handmade business cards with my handmade products.

If you are an avid crafter I really recommend getting one of these machines, the possibilities really are endless! You can also use iron on – so you can guess my next project – a personalised cushion cover!

I may have got slightly carried away with buying accessories and materials! Opps!

2017-02-28 11.57.48



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