Boola Bears

Hi all! I thought I would write a little post about my Boola Bears.

If you would like to purchase a bear please visit the Boola Made Products page for more information.

I have made a few now, all unique in their own way. I love making something that someone will cherish forever! By now most of you have seen the progression of designs, detailing and the different materials I have used.

The first few bears I made were practice bears using old baby grows. It allowed me to see how I needed to change the pattern, to suit the materials I would be using. After all these are keepsake bears and not toys, so there would be variety of material I would be using. You can see the the first few practice bears below.

The next Boola Bear was another practice bear, this time with an old work top. I was asked by a friend to make one out of her dads old top, but wanted to make sure the pattern worked for this material. I didn’t want to risk ruining a top that means so much to her. I used the collar and buttons from the shirt for detailing to the front.

Once I was happy with the outcome it was time to make my niece a proper bear. My sister picked out all her favourite baby grows and I got to work. This time I had more confidence, so I added a few little details to give the bear more character. It was great to have such a large number of baby grows to chose from, it allowed me to be so much more creative.  

The latest bear I made was the memory bear using an old work shirt that belonged to my friends dad. She mentioned that the top was covered in paint had holes in it, but it was her dad all over, so I decided to use these characteristics within the bear. I placed a piece of fabric behind the tear on the top and used it as the foot. I was so honoured to make this special bear for her! 

Below are some photos of the Boola Bear making process.

All of the bears are made using a ‘Funky Friends Factory’ sewing pattern. I have so many new upcoming projects! Including new patterns! So keep an eye out! Like and follow my facebook page for more updates and details: Boola Made Facebook Page. xx

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