Pin Cushion – Quilting 1

As promised I will be writing a series of posts which relate back to the quilting Kitazine I purchased recently. The original post can be found here : Kitazine – 10 Quilting Ideas. I will be working through all of the 10 quilting projects and posting about each one, the first is a simple pin cushion.

The Kitazine comes with 6 pieces of fabric which need to be measured and cut to suit each pattern. The pin cushion requires 8 squares and 6 rectangles ( of various sizes).

Note: Make sure that the right sides are facing when sewing any part of this project.

Once I measured and cut each of the 14 pieces it was time to start sewing. The instructions, as I predicted, were extremely easy to follow. The first step was to sew the squares into pairs – each of the pairs are then sewn onto a rectangle of contrasting fabric.

Once all four of these panels are complete, they are arranged to create a windmill motif and sewn together. These four panels make the top of the quilted pin cushion.

The two larger rectangles are sewn together (leaving a gap in the centre) to make the back panel of the pin cushion. The gap allows for stuffing the pin cushion later on.

The front and back panels are sewn together around the edge and turned inside out. The pin cushion is then ready to be stuffed. The gap to the back of the pin cushion is then sewn together using a simple ladder stitch.

The final stage is to add the button to the centre of the pin cushion.

Although this example is quite small, the pattern can be adapted to create a pin cushion of any size. A range of fabrics can be used and the design on the top panel can be adapted to create a unique item. I can not wait to design and make one of my own! This little pin cushion only took me half hour to complete!


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