Handmade Beanbag

A while ago I attempted to make a beanbag for our first house. I was really pleased with the end product so thought I would write a quick post about the pattern, fabric and filling I used. The beanbag is so simple to make and is quite large – perfect for any home.

The pattern I used was from one of my first sewing books, ‘Sewing school basics: A step-by-step course for the first-time stitchers’ by Jane Bolster. The book is full of projects which start off easy and become more difficult as you work through each item. I love this book because you learn so many different sewing techniques!


The pattern pieces for each project are in included at the back of the book. As you can see in the picture below the pattern pieces are all printed on one sheet, which means you have to trace each piece individually before cutting them out.

2017-02-05-11-50-432017-02-05-11-50-08Once I had traced the pattern pieces and cut them out it was time to cut out the fabric.

I used two contrasting cotton fabrics to make the outer beanbag cover and lining fabric to make the inner bag. The outer layer has a zip which allows you to remove and wash the cover – great for maintaining the beanbag! You could make a variety of outer covers to be used in different rooms or for different occasions. It allows the beanbag to be updated easily, perfect for when its time to re-decorate!


The inner bag is made first. The instructions are easy to follow and is only slightly fiddly to sew because there is so much fabric – overall it is an easy project to complete. I found sewing the zip onto the beanbag cover the most difficult part of the project – I had never sewn a zip before!


The inner bag is filled with 0.14 cubic meters of fire-retardant polystyrene beans. The beanbag also has a handle which makes it easy to move around.


I can not wait to make another! Next time I am going to be more creative with my fabric choices!

2017-02-05-12-52-202015-08-22-14-47-03In the summer my little niece found the beanbag a comfy place to fall asleep!

I really enjoyed this project! Something that can be used by everyone!


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