Coming up Roses

Although this isn’t a new book I wanted to write about it, not only because I love it so much but because I have recently read it for a second time.

Coming Up Roses was published in 2013 and was written by Cath Kidston and Sue Childer. The book itself tells story of how Cath Kidston and her business became so successful, from starting in a small shop in West London to becoming a household name. The book is easy to read and is so inspiring. The images of the popular Cath Kidston prints and talk of design really motivated me to work on creating some of my own artwork/illustrations. Hopefully I will be ready to start blogging about my new venture soon!




If you are a fan of Cath Kidston’s products, prints and designs, or just interested in how a business can grow from a small idea, please give it a read! It is not a long book, but if you are a design fan like me you will read it over and over again.

Everyone I know has owned a Cath Kidston product at some point – and why not? They are fun, creative and good quality! In fact I have recently bought these two items in the sale. The first is a travel-pass wallet which was originally £6 but was in the sale for £4.50. The second is a phone case which was meant to be £19.95 but it was in the sale for £14.00! Bargain’s and I love the use of animals on both of these prints!



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