Wedding Card Box 3

Laura (Ryan’s sister) asked me to decorate a wedding box for her and her fiancé Ben. The colour theme for the wedding was grey so Laura requested for me to use white as a base colour with hints of grey for decoration.

This was the third wedding box I decorated and it was a mixture between the previous two, which can be found here: Rachel’s Wedding Card Box and Nicola’s Wedding Card Box.

The box itself was a plain wooden box with a lock and little key which I decided to spray paint white. I have not used spray paint for my wedding boxes before and found the process so quick and easy. If I get asked to do another I will definitely be reaching for the spray paint!

Once the white base coat was complete I used the technique I have used on every box I have created to apply the letter and design. You can read about my technique in my previous post ‘Wedding Card Box‘. However, I deviated from using a pen as I normally would and used paint and a very thin brush instead. It took quite a long time but I feel it gives a professional finish. I used a sample pot from Wilkinson’s – it was only £1! The little pot of paint could be used so many times! What a bargain!

I made the bunting this time with two different fabrics appliquéing the letters onto the bunting triangles. Rather than threading the bunting onto string as I have done before I used bias binding to sew the triangles together, this prevents any of the triangles moving around.


Using different shades of grey on the box gave it a bit of texture. The owners of the newly decorated box seemed please with the outcome.


The wedding day was lovely, set in an enchanted wood Laura and Ben became Mr and Mrs Trueman.


I was honoured to be asked to produce something that was used on their special day.




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