Embroidery – My first attempt

As you all probably know by now I love crafting and making handmade products. I like to mix things up and create a variety of items including bears, clothes, wedding card boxes and word artwork. I love trying out new processes and techniques and this week I have been having a go at embroidery.

I didn’t really know where to start, so when I found an embroidery kit from John Lewis in the sale called ‘Stickpackung’ I thought I would take the plunge and go for it. The kit includes a t-towel with a flower pattern printed onto it, embroidery floss and a needle.


When I opened the kit I was slightly disappointed because the instructions aren’t that great. I realised it was definitely not for beginners – So I had to find a solution!


A book! I have so many craft, sewing and crochet books, why not add another to the collection – so I went on a hunt. The book I found is called ‘Embroidery: 20 projects for friends to make’ by Super+Super (also known as Amy Phipps and Claire Culley). The illustrations on how to do the different types of embroidery stitch are clear and each has step by step instructions. I found it so easy to follow and learn from. The bonus about this little gem is the projects within it, with instructions and a list of the items you need to complete each one. I can not wait to get started on these!


Back to the embroidery kit: So once I got the hang and understood the types of embroidery stitch I gave the t-towel kit another go. I have not got very far with it at the moment, but I am happy with the outcome so far. It takes a lot longer than I thought, but I know if I persevere and with a bit more practice it will be another great addition to my crafty skills. I will be able to add details to some of my simpler items and the possibilities on what you can create seems endless. I have so many ideas already.


Once I have completed the t-towel I will post a picture on my Instagram- so keep an eye out! @boolamade



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