More Crochet Bears

You may remember that I made my little niece Matilda a crochet bear before she was born. You can find the original blog here – Bruno Bear. I loved making the cute little bear and since then I have made more!

The first was for the new addition to the family! Lily! I made her a bear as a christmas gift using the colours: pink, blue, green and white. I gave her a pretty pink bow.


The second is the first bear I have made for a boy. One of my oldest friends is expecting a baby boy and as a baby shower gift I wanted to give her something special! I decided to give her a handmade crochet bear. This time the bear was three different shades of blue, white and green. I gave him a little blue bow. This time I gave the bear safety eyes, which I think gave it a more professional finish. Poppy loved the bear and I was so glad she like it!!


I actually got a numb finger from crocheting so much! – It has only just come back to life! I have already been asked to make another! Crochet crochet crochet! Its a good job I love it so much!

These bears were made using a pattern from the rico patchwork family.



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