Word Art

I was asked by Sarah, a family friend, if I would be able to create a piece of word art. Sarah sent me an image of what she would like and of course I told her I would help her out. I love be creative and can not resist a new challenge!

The word art was to be a gift for a 50th birthday. The image would list 50 reasons why the recipient was loved. Once Sarah sent me a list of 50 reasons I got to work.

I used Photoshop to produce the image, as I found it easier to move the words around. It took some time but I got there eventually – the biggest challenge was to choose the correct phrases in each position, to ensure the words created the straight edges. By using three different colours it is easier to differentiate between each phrase. The outline of a heart was place at the end of each phrase to split them up.

Once the image was ready it was printed to fit a 8” x  10” frame. I think the simple black frame gives a professional finish as well as tying in with the phrase ‘ Fifty things we ❤ about you’.

I love it and I have been told the gift was a success – So I’m happy!






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