The Sharpe’s Christmas Tradition

Every family has their own traditions at christmas time, and the Sharpe’s are no different. We have a Pre-Christmas Day DAY.

Every year we all go and visit Gates Garden Centre in Oakham, Leicester. Dad, Mum, Me, Nicola and Lauren have had this tradition for as long as I can remember – and we all still loved it. Our boyfriends are also involved as well as Nicola’s Husband and babies!! The group seems to be growing every year!

Gates is an wonderful place to visit at christmas time, it is basically a huge santa’s grotto. So many trees decorated with every ornament and bauble imaginable. It is our tradition pick ONE bauble each to add to the christmas tree. Over the years we have collected so many we had to get a bigger tree!!

This year we had lunch and a hot chocolate in the tearoom before shopping – the main restaurant was just too full! As Eliza is a little older this year she really seemed to loved it! Picking up different christmassy things and sneaking them in the basket she was pulling around.

The boys normally like to wind my mum up by picking the worst or biggest bauble in the shop, but this year they actually didn’t do too bad!

The garden centre also has a large gift section which us Sharpe’s can not resist! We did not visit Santa this year, or his reindeer… but maybe that is something for next year when Matilda is a little older.

After we have all picked a bauble and spent too much money (as always) it is time to head home. The christmas carols get put on, the loft gets emptied and the tree gets put up. Now as I mentioned earlier our tree needed to get bigger, and since we moved into the new house three years ago we were lucky enough to have a double height space – perfect for our 12ft christmas tree!!

The lights are already within the tree so it is surprisingly really easy to put together! Tinsel, beads and baubles are next! With the help of a ladder we fill the tree from top to bottom. Our new baubles are always the last on the tree.

When we go through our boxes its lovely to notice the baubles that we individually picked out years ago. The baubles aren’t just from a multi pack, each one is special and that is what I love most! Although my mum likes organisation and colour coordination our tree is an exception. Anything and everything is allowed on the tree! That is what makes our tree unique!

Each year we all take it in turns to put the santa on top of the tree… this year it was Eliza’s turn but she refused!! So Lauren had the honours.


A train is placed around the bottom of the tree which Eliza seems to love this year.


Matilda chilled out with Santa in his sleigh as we finished the decorating.

Once all our decorating is done and after a busy day its time to eat a take-away and relax.

I love our family tradition and I will definitely be carrying it on with my own family!



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