Easy Sew Jumper

Every now and then I love a little sewing project. The first garment I made was a simple skirt. (A post is on the way). As the weather is getting colder I decided to go for a jumper this time!

Finding a pattern can be hard as some are old fashioned, and some are advanced. The patterns I tend to use are from ‘Simplicity’. The Simplicity patterns are very easy to follow and they have a choice of modern garments.

The pattern I used to make the simple jumper is the ‘1072 Simplicity Easy-to-sew’.


The pattern reccommends using two contrasting materials. I chose to use two different shades of grey, a darker shade for the main body of the garment and a lighter for the central panel. Sequin material or leather can also be used for the central panel to make more of a statement piece. The material needs to be a stretch knit such as Double Knit, Interlock, Jersey and Ponte.


The first step is to cut out the patterns to the size you require and follow the instructions on how to lay the pattern pieces onto the fabric. The pattern pieces often indicate a selvage line as a long double ended arrow. The selvage is the finished edge of the fabric. Make sure the selvage lines on the pattern pieces run parallel with the selvage!!

I find it best to pin down the pattern pieces before the fabric is cut. It is important to cut out or mark all notches and dots on the pattern as these will help when stitching the garment together later on.

Once all of the pieces are cut out it is time to follow the instructions. Pinning and sewing the correct pieces together, using the notches and dots as guidance.

Attaching the band around the neck was the most difficult part of the make for me, as you have to stretch the fabric as you sew. As some parts can be quite fiddly it is important to take your time. I always read the instruction twice to make sure I do not ruin the garment by sewing two pieces incorrectly. There are little details on the garment around the sleeves and neck which need to be neat to create a professional look.

There are always tweaks that can be made to the pattern to fit you perfectly. When I make this jumper again I will be tightening the sleeves and reducing the size of the neck so that the jumper gives a tighter fit.

Overall I was very happy with my first attempt and the finished garment looks great!

I would highly recommend this pattern for a beginner.




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