October 16 Primark Haul

Every now and then I go on a little shopping trip to stock up on some essentials. As it is starting to get colder it was time to get some autumn items.

A new Primark has opening recently in Fosse Park, Leicester so thought it was the perfect opportunity to go have a look. I was not alone, my sister Lauren and bestie Danni wanted to get a few bits too!

So what did I buy?….


Basic long sleeve tops in both black and white. These are always handy to put under a pinafore dress or to wear under jumpers when its cold. You can never have enough of these! White – £2.50. Black – £3.50.

A short sleeve, thin, pink top with a cut out detail on the front. I got this to wear for work but can also be used as a casual top. It was in the sale reduced from £8.00 to £3.00.

A dark burgundy long sleeve top. Another casual item for those chiller autumn days. There are plenty of other colours available but I loved this autumn deep red. £4.50.


A green long sleeve jumper with a fleece lining. It was so cosy I couldn’t resist and for only a fiver it was bargain! there are so many different colours – I will definitely be going back to get more! £5.00.

As the weather is getting wetter I was in desperate need for a new pair of winter boots. I did not want a boring plain black boot (which is what I always go for) These boots have a snake-skin and metallic detail on the black of the heel to give them a little bit of interest. The heel is only small so will be perfect to wear for work too! £15.00.

My bargain of the day was surprisingly the dark navy blue brogues which I love. They were in reduced from £12.00 to only £2.00!! – Crazy price for a pair of shoes!

So all together I  got:

  • 2 x Long sleeve basic tops
  • 1 x Short sleeve top
  • 1 x Long sleeve top
  • 1 x Fleece lined jumper
  • 1 x Pair of Boots
  • 1 x Pair of brogues

And only spent £35.50!



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