Mr and Mrs Beange

So on the 13th August 2016 my beautiful sister finally became Mrs Beange. After a long year of preparation, sewing bunting, finding the perfect dresses and thinking of all the little details – the day finally arrived.

The night before, Nicola (the bride), stayed round mum and dads house with me and Lauren (younger sister). We decide to all stay in Laurens room and have a little sleepover, the last time we would all be Sharpe girls together.

When we woke up the next day Nicola was beaming. It was like christmas day when we were young, she ran into our parents room to wake them up and the big day began. The day was busy from the start. The hair dressers arrived at half 7, the videographers not long after, followed by the photographer and the flowers. Pimms and sausage cobs kept us going.

The men got ready across the road at the grooms parents house.

Once all of the bridal party were ready it was time for Dad to see Nicola in her dress for the first time. I know it would be an emotional moment, but I didn’t expect to cry. As soon as I open the door to dad and he looked at Nicola, all the bridesmaids burst into tears. It was such a lovely moment. My dad had his proud face on (you will see it in all of the pictures).

It was a lovely day so we had some photos taken in the garden. The flower girls and page boys looked adorable!!

The ride to the church was a surprise for the Bride. Dad organised for our uncle Danny to drive them to the church. Uncle Danny put so much thought into the journey taking Nicola on a ride through her childhood and provided bubbly and water. Uncle Danny is a superstar!


The venue for the wedding was Queniborough Church. Us three Sharpe girls went to primary school in the village and mum and dad got married in the same church 25 years before. The flowers in the church were beautiful and were arranged by my wonderful grandma.

The ceremony was so lovely. The babies got to roam around as Nicola and Cory said there vows and we all got into the singing spirit thanks to mum! I had the honour of reading out a poem. Bare in mind there were over 150 people in the church. I was so nervous. As soon as I stood on the podium and looked at Nicola I choked up! I read the poem, it may have included tears but I got through it! We all had a massive group photo outside of the church… now it was time to celebrate.

The guests were provided with a coach to the venue – Beeston Walled Garden. The sun was shining and we were welcomed with a choice of corona or pimms. The bride and groom provided garden games for the kids – not only the kids found them entertaining. The whole place was decorated so lovely with bunting and a cup cake wedding cake to match.

The tables were all named after different penguins – those that know the new Mr and Mrs Beange will know they have a big love for penguins!

The speeches – as always – were very very emotional. Every word of them was from the heart and I do not think there was a dry eye in the house.

Now it was time to party and party everyone did! The band was fab, the food was fab and the people who shared the day were amazing. The pick and mix sweets disappeared and the whole day was one to remember!

Mr and Mrs Beange are not only one amazing couple but they are a fabulous mummy and daddy to Eliza and Matilda. That family are beautiful in every way xxx

Hightlights Video of the Wedding – Take a look xx





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