Wedding Card Box 2

So a few weeks ago my sister got married to her childhood sweetheart and I was lucky enough to be asked to decorate their wedding card box. The theme of the wedding was beautiful – each bridesmaid wore a pastel colour and the brides bouquet was filled with pastel coloured flowers. The venue was decorated with pastel patterned bunting. So guess what the theme for the wedding card was – PASTELS!

I bought a plain wedding card box from Hobbycraft – they have a variety to chose from. I chose the birdhouse box as the theme was quite vintage.


I painted the box white to give the box a clean fresh feel, which would also give a bright background to the pastel colours I would be adding to the design later on. As you can see the box did need a few coats of paint.

2016-08-04 20.10.48

I decided to have bunting running along both side edges of the birdhouse. The bunting itself would be hessian, and I appliqued the letters on to each bunting triangle. I used the same material for the letters that was used in the bunting to  decorate the venue – to tie the box into the wedding theme.

I used adhesive Command hooks to attached the bunting to the box, they are really easy to use.

2016-08-08 19.32.30

Finally it was time to apply the messages onto the wedding box. I printed off the words to use as a template. I then coloured in the black of each word with pencil and place them onto the box in the correct position, pencil side down! (with masking tape of course). Using a sharp pencil I drew over each word, which transferred the writing onto the box. As I did this in pencil any mistake could be rubbed out easily.

Once all of the words were transferred onto the box I went over them in black pen. I have used the same technique several times – you can see how to do this on my post Wedding card box.

It was such a lovely day and I will be writing a blog all about it soon!


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